Essentials Required for Green Plants to Grow

Essentials Required for Green Plants to Grow


Wherever we go, we always see plants and trees around us. So, how do they grow so big from so small? These are some of the most important factors that lead to the growth of plants.

  1. Water and Nutrients – Similar to animals and humans, even plants require water and nutrients as a source of food to grow. Plants have the capability of using water where moisture and nutrients can be carried to and fro between the roots and leaves.
  2. Air and Soil –Clean air and healthy soil are also essential apart from water and nutrients for a pant to grow. Healthy soil is an important factor that provides help and support for the plants roots by acting as an anchor. Dirty air coming from pollutants, gases or smoke is harmful for the plant.
  3. Fertilizers –When watering a plant, fertilizers are added in the form of nutrients. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are the 3 important nutrients required for a plant to grow where nitrogen is required to make green leaves, phosphorus for strong roots and big flowers and lastly, potassium for the plant to fight against diseases. However, one needs to be careful while adding fertilizers as too little or too much can be harmful.
  4. Light and Temperature –Plants require light to grow and make food with the help of a process called photosynthesis. Not enough light will make the plant look weak with less flowers and fruits. When it comes to temperature, a cool temperature during the night and warm temperature during the daytime is enough for the plant to grow.

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