A Complete Guide To Chile RUT And RUN Identification Numbers

A Complete Guide To Chile RUT And RUN Identification Numbers

If you have a plan to spend a considerable amount of time in Chile then you will be encountered a pair of important terms known as RUT and RUN. These two important identification numbers will be needed for anyone who is going to live or travel for a long time in Chile.

Whether as a visitor or an immigrant, you will be asked to acquire a RUT or RUN of your own which will be issued to you as your identification number to live in Chile.

What Does A RUT Or RUN Means?

A RUT is an 8-9 digits number stands for Rol Unico Tributario which is an identification number in Chile required to live in. It is a unique identity which will remain the same even if you renew your ID card.

You can easily obtain it when Registro Civil issues it to you. Your main bank account is linked with your RUT number so you can also check balance account rut bank state online (Saldo Cuenta rut banco Estado online) online.

RUT And RUN Are They Both Similar?

Most of the people assume these two terms as similar but there is a big difference between two. A RUT is a Rol Unico Tributario whereas a RUN is a Rol Unico Nacional. Thus a Rut is your tax Identification number and Run is your civil register identification number.

Where To Get RUT Or RUN Number?

You can easily get your RUT number from a tax service office in Chile or you can also download it and print it online from several websites. But first, you need to apply for your own RUT or RUN. These are some important things you need to pay attention before applying for a RUT and RUN:

Go to the Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII) tax office and request an F4415 form, then fill your details in the form and attach a passport copy of yours. Make sure you have an actual passport with you as well.

Download the F4415 form online, fill the details, print it out in 2 copies and give it to SII tax office with a copy of your passport. In this case, also, you need to take your actual passport along with you.    

These are the two main ways to obtain RUT or RUN in Chile.   For additional information regarding RUT and RUN, numbers Click this link and know why is it asked for a Rut number everywhere in Chile.

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